weighted simplefit lvl2d2

*for the record, i skipped level one and went straight to level 2 for challenge sake. all weighted simplefit entries are done with a 35lb(16kg) kettlebell in a backpack.


3 pull-ups
8 push-ups
13 squats

for time. i ended up with 12 minutes. i really think i may repeat this week even if i smash it on friday just to work on my form.

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with a twist!

5 minute jog with kb in backpack
took backpack off for the sprints
5 minute cool down.

50 push ups to finish it off

feeling much faster with sprints. need to add more sets. covering entire 80-yard practice field plus some every round.

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if you don’t know what simplefit is, check it out here. it’s a good way to get into shape with very limited space. here’s a good thread from the mark’s daily apple forums about it.

i decided to start at level 2 and think i underestimated myself:

45 total sets, 8 of which i had a 16kg kb in my backpack for:

45 pull ups, 8 weighted
135 push ups, 24 weighted
180 squats, 32 weighted

i should have really challenged myself and not removed the backpack. i’ll try that next time.

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7/30 and 7/31

7/30 – kettlebells

15 clean and press, each side

25 snatches, each side

50 swings

25 halos, both ways

50 squats holding kb

25 overheads (hold kb by base of handle in front of you. lift over and behind head then bring back over, almost like swinging an ax)

25 push ups

7/31 – hike, swimming, sprints

i spent my day here:

paradise falls a wildwood regional park

thousand oaks, ca

scott and i set out on the ‘moonridge trail’, which leads to the little slice of awesome above. on top of climbing on the rocks at dangerously high elevations, we maintined a steady clip mixed with sprints on our way through the park. most fun ‘workout’ i’ve had in ages.

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50 burpees (3:52…new record!)

1/2 tabata (4 20-second sprints at 100%)

10 kb get-ups

10 snatches

30 swings

10 pushups (feet on bench)

…exhausted. i think i need to start giving my body more rest days.

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yesterday i did a basic tabata sprint session: five minutes, eight 20 second rounds, 5 more minutes.

not every work out has to be a hardcore set of high intensity exercise. today, i went for a hike/bike ride:

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good morning, kettlebells

100 behind-the-back passes (each direction)

50 halos (25 each way)

50 swings

30 squats (holding kb at chest)

10 cleans (each side)

so i was lazy, but it’s sunday!

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